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We see African churches overcoming the severe challenges they currently face and emerging as world leaders in education and the spread of the Gospel.


We will help the Body of Christ develop transformational education systems especially in Africa.

Mission Statement

The Transformational Education Network will, by God’s grace:

  • Establish and maintain a set of standards for excellence in transformational education – called Standards of Excellence for Transformational Education (SETE).
  • Establish a working program for developing and publishing transformational curriculum and material – called Transformational Curriculum Dynamics.
  • Help start new transformational institutions and help existing institutions become transformational through education consulting, administration consulting, and networking.
  • Assist institutions to formally associate around a set of standards for transformational education and establish their own accrediting agency.
  • Train people to use transformational curriculum, standards, and other aspects of transformational education systems, or provide assistance for them to get the necessary training elsewhere.
  • Lord willing, provide the equipment, facilities, and other resources needed to develop quality institutions

Purpose Statement

The people of Africa are bearing some of the most severe challenges ever seen on that continent. AIDS has created a devastating healthcare crisis which will result in a leadership vacuum, and ongoing political and economic crises prohibit progress.

A new door, hinged on tragedy, is opening in Africa. It is generally acknowledged that education will be a key factor in bringing about change. Yet, to truly provide hope for Africa, education must foster transformation by teaching people to conform to the image of Christ. Many of the churches in Africa list education as their number one priority and ask for help in establishing Christian institutions, because their system of education is on the verge of total collapse.

Knowledge coupled with godliness can give Africans the wherewithal to break the bonds of poverty, sickness, xenophobia, and political chaos that plague the continent. Christian educators and professionals, bearing the love of Jesus and a practical transformational education system, can change Africa. A bold Christian education initiative, begun now, will disciple leaders for the next generation and cast a bright, unfailing light into the future. The Transformational Education Network (TEN3) is just such an initiative.

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