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History of the Transformational Education Network

Faced with the challenges of poverty, AIDS, and political chaos, the churches in Africa have recognized that education must play a key role in effecting change on their continent. Churches across Africa are asking for help. The Transformational Education Network (TEN3) is a ministry responding to this cry. Its objective is to develop knowledgeable leaders who, equipped with a thorough Christian worldview and the love of Jesus Christ, can bring hope to the next generation of Africans. Thus TEN3’s motto has become: Discipling to the 3rd Generation.

The ministry started years ago with educational research in Nigeria by SIM missionary, Dr. Anthony Petrillo, and progressed to coupling personal discipleship with computer literacy training according to African indigenous teaching principles. In 1993, it led to the formation of the ECWA Information and Computer Science Institute (EICSI), a school which now has over a thousand students. Schools operating in French have also been started in Niger and Burkina Faso. Dr. Petrillo has been helping these schools develop into quality, discipleship oriented, bachelor degree-granting institutions; at first granting diplomas and technical certificates, but eventually granting degrees in Computer Science and then on to granting a full range of degree programs.

God has been leading step by step. In 2007, the Lord joined Dr. Petrillo with Dr. Samuel Oleka, Dean of Integrated Studies at Kentucky State University; Dr. Robert Wilhoft, Head of the Department of Computer Science at Roberts Wesleyan College; and Reverend Larry Fehl, Former Director of SIM-USA to to start a new organization.

Over the past few years the ministry has grown from a staff of one missionary and one volunteer to eight missionaries working alongside a host of volunteers. Many churches with the vision to start either Christian technical schools or universities have contacted us for help. We now have requests from churches in 23 African and 2 Caribbean countries to help develop their educational initiatives.

Our key operations currently include:

  • Liaison and planning with African church leaders.
  • Teaching, training and consulting in Africa.
  • Networking volunteers in the USA and Canada.
  • Curriculum development and production of materials.

These operations require support in the form of:

  • Computer and technical support.
  • Administrative support.
  • Direction and leadership.

We see a growing need to help the new schools associate around standards of excellence. SIM played an important role in birthing the vision, for educational excellence in Africa. However, TEN3 is a new and independent organization, able to work with any of the churches that embrace the transformational model both in countries were SIM works and in regions beyond.

TEN3 is aiming to operate with as few long-term missionary personnel in Africa as possible. Instead we intend to focus on capacity building through consulting, training, and networking, so our need for additional support structures in Africa (outside what the African churches can provide) will be minimal.

Join us in praying that the Lord will use TEN3 to help African churches start truly transformational education systems to rescue the coming generation in Africa, and enable them to emerge as leaders in education and the spread of the gospel.