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Laptop Gospel Project

How can you and your church spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the globe? How can you and your church also reach your community, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances with the gospel? TEN3 has an answer: “The Laptop Gospel Project”

Our outreach for North American churches involves gathering unused laptops. Those discarded laptops can be used to spread the gospel locally and help impoverished students across the globe.

How does it work?

For a few hours on a Saturday, a TEN3 team will come to your church and demonstrate how those discarded laptops can be donated and repurposed for African Christ-centered computer training outreach. Your job is to invite people to the workshop. Anyone is welcome at the event. The laptops supplied will be prepared for use in Africa. The TEN3 team will walk each participant through the steps. In the process, everyone at the workshop hears the transforming power of the gospel, both for us and young Africans. For information or details on how to get involved, email us at:

What if I’m not good with computers?

Don’t worry. If you can make a cup of tea, you have the skills needed to prepare the computers.

How will the laptops be used?

In Africa, a single laptop can reach up to ten students each year. During a year, those ten students learn how to use the computer and work through the Bible so they know God’s story. Understanding God’s story is critical because science is showing that if the mind does not know the whole story, it fabricates the parts it is missing. Not knowing the whole of God’s story is undermining the church in North America.


The North American church is looking for new innovative ways to support missions. As attendees prepare the laptops, we will be ministering to them. Like any computer setup process, there are times when the computer asks us to “please wait” for 30 or more minutes.

During those times, we will be sharing how the laptops will help transform the spiritual lives of African students and give them tools to become leaders in businesses, churches and even their country. We’ll also emphasize the importance of knowing the Bible to understand how God deals with mankind and how to use technology from God’s perspective.

In Africa, the TEN3 team is known as the people with GUTs (Godly Use of Technology).

TEN3 has created courses based on a Christian worldview that teaches how to use a computer using examples from Scripture and Christian ethics.

Since the 1980s, TEN3’s founder, Dr. Anthony Petrillo, has been training people how to use computers and start institutions, which has earned him the title “Father Computer.”

Father Computer and the TEN3 team are now taking their ongoing experience serving Africa to serve churches in the USA and Canada.

Will you join us in the Laptop Gospel Project? Email us at