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You see the problems with today’s education.

Be part of the solution, in the part of the world where it’s needed most!

We’ve all heard of the poverty, disease, and need throughout Africa. Why haven’t things gotten better? Much of it is tied to the collapse of the educational system after the 1960s, when schools were taken away from churches. Therefore, education is highlighted as key to long-term improvement in Africa. Countless organizations have brought in books and teachers, yet the systematic failure remains. Western education’s industrial approach, culture clash with Africa, and its flaws in comprehension training, doom these efforts from the start. That’s why TEN3 is dedicated to helping African churches build a fresh education system that is practical, culturally appropriate, and Christ-centered. We believe that Christ is the only true power for lasting improvement anywhere in the world.

You can help in a number of ways:

Donate a laptop.

Have an old laptop you don’t use but that still works? Our partners in African centers can revive it with a lightweight operating system and put it to use teaching their people technology skills, comprehension, and wise, godly use of them. Mail your laptop with the power supply to

Dr. Anthony Petrillo
9845 Wesley Road
Houghton, NY 14744

If possible, please include a donation to TEN3 toward the cost of shipping and the purchase of a local generator to power the computers (suggested amount $65).

Fund raising


Are you good at coming up with money for big projects? Wonderful, because we’re a lot better at training than fundraising! The educational centers need equipment to get started. Our model includes coaching on financial viability, so that the equipment can be replaced as it ages, but every venture needs beginning capital. You would work with our two communication staff members to effectively get our story and need out where people can contribute.

Training Platform Developer


We have a large amount of training material, and want to put it onto Moodle for easy delivery and tracking our trainees’ progress. We are looking for someone who loves Jesus, is familiar with Moodle, and is willing to learn a new model of education. You would then work with our founder to put our educational material onto Moodle for use in Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, and Sierra Leone.