Our Story

The Transformational Education Network (TEN3) provides Christ-centered  Curriculum for schools in Africa and around the world.

However, because we aim at transformational education, we do not simply provide educational materials.


Why Give?

Our curriculum is part of broader plan that involves training teachers to use the Christ-centered curriculum to become evangelists, disciple-makers, and shapers of Christian worldview. We also train administrators to operate under TEN3 Standards for Excellence in Education (SEE).  Institutions and programs undergo audits which assure a level of compliance worthy of accreditation as a TEN3 Accredited Program or Institution.

It is our sincere desire that TEN3’s curriculum, consulting, training, and standards will help churches and others around the world who are operating schools to glorify God and be true to their missions to minister the gospel, disciple young Christians, and teach them the knowledge and skills that equips them for good works and enables them to serve as leaders their communities.

Make a Difference

As you can imagine, developing new curriculum, maintaining curriculum, producing training materials, conducting training workshops, and providing consultants and auditors all require finances.  So your financial gifts are greatly appreciated.  Key areas to which you can give are:

  • Educators for Africa:  Discipling and Training of Teachers and Administrators in the Principles of Transformational Education
  • Curriculum for Africa:  Train Africans in the development and production of God honoring culturally appropriate educational materials.
  • Christian Colleges and Universities for Africa: Provide African secondary and post secondary institutions with crucial resources (equipment, consulting, building funds, etc)  for growth and development.**
  • Standards for Excellence in Education:  Provides standards and auditing services to help African educational programs and institutions stay on target as truly transformational ministries.

Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion – it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ.

Billy Graham

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.

C. S. Lewis

Consider Donating Today!

*Transformational Education Network, Inc. (TEN3) is registered as a not for profit corporation in the state of New York, and gifts to TEN3 are deemed tax exempt by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the US Federal Tax Code.
** TEN3 Accredited Institutions are required to demonstrate their ability maintain day to day operations by tuition and fees charged for their educational programs, and to reserve TEN3 financial assistance for growth and development.