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Families and Medias

A woman came to her pastor’s house in tears. The pastor’s wife, Christie, was curious, yet troubled why an elderly woman had come with such emotion. “Welcome, Mama,” Christie greeted her, “What is the problem?”

She replied, “We have been experiencing this problem of money disappearing in my family for about seven years now. Recently, the problem extended to our bank account. Somebody stole almost all our money in the bank, but after few days, the person texted us confessing that he has been the one stealing our money, even in the house. Christie, how? He said, he has been using spiritual means, using our son’s face to do the stealing. Christie, how possible it is to steal using somebody’s face?”

It was not spiritual means that someone used to steal the money. It was their own son, who used technology they did not understand, to steal from them.

Have you ever felt like that? Do you wonder what technology is going to do to your family? If so, contact us about the next TEN3 Families and Media seminar or schedule one for your church or school.

At this seminar, participants will explore how the computer and technology is amazingly powerful for good and at the same time horribly powerful for evil. This knowledge will help you be discerning with technology and protect yourself and your family.

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