Making a difference, Together.

TEN3 offers three major products which will help your church or school achieve the results you have been waiting for.

Our team, always working hard to show GUTs (Godly Use of Technology), has created programs which will benefit you both spiritually and through technical teaching.

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Laptop Gospel Project

The unused laptops in the homes of your community can open doors for us to share with many people both in your community and Africa. In Africa, a single laptop can reach up to ten students each year. We’ve budgeted so they replace themselves, making it an ongoing gift.

Laptop Gospel Projects provide you with the opportunity to make an impact – right from your local church building or small group!

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CTO – Computer Training Outreach

  • Trains your students to use the power of the computer with integrity and godliness in the modern world.
  • Teaches your students computing fundamentals necessary to learn any computer application they will face in the future.
  • Equips your students with valuable skills as they develop their own manual on how to use features of common programs.

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Families and Media

It’s all changing so fast. Technology affects our job opportunities, our expenses, our education, our thinking, and yes, even our spirituality. It has tremendous power for good and for evil. Parents should be the ones to guide their children in godly use of technology. Yet so often parents do not understand the technology their children are using, or even care to know about it.

The Families and Media ministry informs parents about the most prevalent forms of technology impacting their children, with its potential to help and harm them. We explore with them ways to evaluate use of technology from a biblical perspective so that they can both protect their children and raise them to interact with their technology-saturated world with the wisdom and light of Christ.

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