The Transformational Education Network (TEN3): A bold Christian education initiative, begun now, to disciple leaders for the next generation and cast a bright, unfailing light into the future.

Who We Are

We help African churches overcome the severe challenges they currently face and emerge as world leaders in education and the spread of the Gospel.

What We Do

We provide affordable education to Africa through Godly Use of Technology.

How We Do It

Transforming lives to the Third Generation

Faced with the challenges of poverty, AIDS, and political chaos, the churches in Africa have recognized that education must play a key role in effecting change on their continent. Churches across Africa are asking for help.

The Transformational Education Network (TEN3) is a ministry responding to this cry. Its objective is to develop knowledgeable leaders who, equipped with a thorough Christian worldview and the love of Jesus Christ, can bring hope to the next generation of Africans.


 These are our Current Teachers In Training-Please pray for each of them!

Isaac Tanam, Rhoda Suleiman, Luka Samuel,  David Madaki, Comfort Akume, Yakubu Samuel, Fred Agomou, Dauda Sale,  Chall Emmanuel,  Gideon Musa Christian
They have all gone through the TEN3 Teacher seminar and are working through the mentoring materials (Imitation of Christ, Practice of the Presence of God, and TEN3 training materials).

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